Loft Preparation

Before I can build a circuit I need to convert my loft from the dumping ground the previous owner(s) had used it for into an extra room. It is however not going to be an "habital room". The loft conversion involves:

  • Clearing out all the stuff that had been there.
  • Add light and power (and check the existing wiring).
  • Strenghten the rafters.
  • Lay insulation
  • Fit a loft ladder
  • Box in the cold water tanks

Each of these activities had some dependency on the others. This is how I did it. NOTE: This is not a set of instructions but how I chose to do it. If you decide to copy me, on your head be it. Some things I have done might be against the building regulations in your area/country.

I will add some narrative when I have time, for now look at the pictures and guess how I did it. I have now split this page to make it quicker to load.

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