Track Sections

I use Scalextric track. This is because it is easiest to obtain in England (and Scotland as this is where I bought my only peice of new track). It is harder to obtain other makes and I don't think I have seen any other make second hand. All but one piece of track I own is second hand. I find it at Car Boot Sales (where people sell stuff they don't want, from the back of their car) and at Toy Fairs. I usually pay about 10 for a box load, or about 20 pence a piece for common track sections. I have payed more for more specialist items, the most expensive being some outer outer curves.

Box of second hand track, transformer and 2 cars

I believe I could use SCX track as it is compatable with Scalextric track. It would be a more reliable source of outer outer curves. They also have some specialist track that Scalextric do not. The part numbers quoted below are molded into the back of the track section.

This section requires a bit more thought and research so this page will take a little longer to write than the others. I have not just copied the information from somebody elses website or book. The numbers quoted are either written on the back of a track section I own, or has been taken from the Scalextric Catalogue (Edition 42 2001) as I believe Hornby Plc will not mind me advertising their products. The information can also be found on their website. If you read the information here, you may want to visit the official Scalextric Web site to view the latest information and keep their hit count up/acurate.

FE = Flat Ends, RE = Round Ends


4 sizes of curve




Hand Controllers

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